Online Eliminations Round

Online Elimination Round

Dear student,
You are about to take Online Elimination Round.
Please read the followings carefully.

Before the examination starts:
-Make sure that you do not use VPN, system may not let you enter the exam,
-Login to the system at least 15 minutes before the start of the examination,
-MP3 players, smartwatches and other electronic devices must be turned off and put away,
-If you experience technical problems during examination, you must immediately contact one of the invigilators. The invigilator will call for technical support,
-Ensure that you use the washroom before arriving for your exam as you will not be permitted to leave during the exam.

During the examination:
-The exam has 25 multiple choice questions. Each question weighs 4 points. Maximum point student can get is 100. Four (4) incorrect answers will eliminate one correct answer,
-Start with the easier questions, you can always come back to the questions you leave,
-Time allocated for the exam is 70 minutes. You will start when invigilator tells you to start,
-You are required to comply with the directions given by the head invigilator before the examination,
-Those who are taking exam with mobile phone, MUST make sure that during the examination no one calls,
-You may keep food and drink on or by the desk during the entire examination. You may eat and drink whenever you want,
-If anything in the examination is unclear, you can contact the invigilator,
-At a digital examination, it is your responsibility to submit your exam. Before you leave the examination, make sure you did not leave any question unintentionally,
-Where permitted you may use translation dictionary,
-Students must not give or receive assistance of any kind during the exam. Any cheating, any attempt to cheat, assisting others to cheat, or participating therein, or engaging in such improper conduct is a serious violation and will generally result in disqualifying.

Good luck!

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